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Are You Living Up to Your Potential?

Are You Living Up to Your Potential?

In the Women of Facebook group that I am a member of, there was a message the other day encouraging each of us to write about a word that has special significance and meaning to our lives. As I thought about significant words in my life, the word “Potential” seemed to resonate the strongest. After almost a full day with this word in my every thought… I sat down and began to write. After the first couple of sentences began pouring onto the page, I realized that what I was writing was coming through me, rather than just being my own individual thoughts. When I asked who the message was from, and the answer I received was “The Collective.” While I know that my “Collective” Guides wished to share this message with me. I also believe that it is a part of my mission in life to share this message with YOU! So I hope you enjoy reading these words. Receive the gift of this message about your Potential, and pass it along to the many special people in your life who are standing in the doorway of their Potential waiting to walk through. Whether it’s in regards to health and wellness, relationships with family and friends, or business success, perhaps with the encouragement of the “Collective” we can all achieve the greatness we are destined to share with the world during our time on this planet. Many Blessings for a Healthy & Happy Life as You Achieve Your Potential! -Aliesa George

A Message About Your Potential: from the “Collective”

Defined: Existing in possibility. Capable of development into actuality. Promise. Derived from the Latin word “Power.” -potent, potens. (Merriam-Webster dictionary.) You are a unique individual. I see not who you are at this moment, but who you have the Potential to become, what you have the Potential to achieve, and perhaps a few thoughts on how to move through “possibility” and into reality. You see, in my mind nothing is impossible! You may think I’m crazy for what I believe YOU can achieve, but somebody has to point out your Potential if you are blinded by fear, self-doubt, or the chatter of nay-sayers who hope to keep you in the dark depths of despair. My goal is to be a shining light of hope. A ray of sunshine, a mentor and guide to help you see all the amazing possibilities that lay before you. What do you want? Do you know? It’s OK if you don’t just yet. But clearly knowing what passions and goals drive you is key for me to help you blaze trails forward towards achieving your Potential. What aches and pains do you have laying heavy on your heart, mind, body or soul? What brings you the most Joy and Happiness? What have been your most shinning accomplishments so far? What is your wildest, most “secret” dream or desire?

Fairy Tales do come true… If you can begin to see and believe in your Potential.

Let me show you what I believe and see in you:
  • I see an amazing person. Healthy, vibrant, full of life. Strong, fit, focused, conscious and in-tune with what you want to see, do, be, have, give, receive, and achieve.
  • Your priorities are in order. You are excellent at balancing work, life, and play. Everyone loves being with you and enjoys the insightful things you share.
  • Your sense of humor is infectious, making even the most tedious chore seem not so bad. Laughter and love walk hand-in-hand, a great gift to all who are with you.
  • You are patient, kind, and giving. A great listener, motivator, cheerleader, coach, mentor, friend, and lover.
Your drive, determination, passion, and persistence are the qualities of most importance. Because, dear one – These are the flames of the fire that fuel you forward to achieve your Potential. How wonderful that others “see” what you have the ability to achieve. Use their insight in the moments when you are standing in the shadows. Ride on the coat tails of those that have come before you and achieved greatness. Potential is Powerful Passion! Find Your Passion. Put it to the test and watch your dreams come true. You are beautiful, brilliant, amazing, wonderful, and deserve so much more than you know is available to you now. Promise me, and Promise yourself that you will always strive to surpass your Potential. Glorious success is meant to be yours – today, tomorrow, and always! Peace, Love, and Many Blessings, From The “Collective,” through the mind, heart, and hands of Aliesa George, ******** I would love to know how the message from these words impacts your journey to live up to your Potential. I have never posted something this deeply personal, or "spiritual" on my blog before. But in the spirit of the mind-body connection and whole-body health, I felt compelled to share this. So drop me a comment and let's start a conversation!

Aliesa George: Over the past three decades, Aliesa George has helped assist people with their personal health journeys by sharing, teaching, and developing Pilates, Foot Fitness, and other Mind-Body programs.


Posted by: Aliesa George

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