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Pilates and Pregnancy: Exercise Guidelines - Resources for More Information

Pilates and Pregnancy: Exercise Guidelines - Resources for More Information

Darlene Asks about Pilates and Pregnancy...

Dear Aliesa,

I am teaching a Pilates class and one of the participants has told me that she is pregnant. She has been doing Pilates for a while and is strong and knows her limits, but I am looking for a resource where I can research the limitations and contraindications for a pregnant participant.

Can you recommend some reading or a website I can rely on to give me correct information? This is a mat class only.

Thanks very much for your help,


Great Question Darlene!!! You'll find a few guidelines for Pilates & pregnancy in the PMA Pilates Certification Study Guide. If I remember correctly, Dawn-Marie Ikes did a session or two on this topic at the PMA conference in 2005 & 2006, it was great information. If you have access to a copy of the course outlines for either of those years, I think you'll have the info you're looking for. You might check on the PMA website for Dawn-Marie's contact information and request info directly from her. The other thing I would recommend is checking with your OB/GYN for the official guidelines for exercise during pregnancy. I believe it's the American College of OB/GYN's that publish this info. (ACOG). You should also be able to find some information through the American Council on Exercise (ACE). If you haven't had your participant give you a written release to continue participation during pregnancy, that is something you should request. I've had pre-natal participants participate almost full-term, and a few who because they were high risk, as soon as they got pregnant their physician advised NO Pilates. So please have her bring you a release ASAP! Hope this info is helpful. Have a Great Day! Peace & Blessings, Aliesa George Share your Pilates and Pregnancy Tips or Questions in the comments section below:

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Posted by: Aliesa George

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