Pain-Free Hands: 3 Hand & Finger Exercises for Improved Flexibility

Here are three easy hand exercises to help stretch your palms, and improve finger flexibility. Our hand & finger muscles primarily work to grip and grab objects, so these muscles can get tight and cause joint pain in the fingers, hand and wrist. Use these simple hand stretching exercise tips to release muscle tension and improve the mobility and flexibility to keep your hands and fingers pain-free, healthy, and fit. I had a client request exercises for her hands. These 3 hand & finger fitness exercises are quick and easy to do, and can really help open and stretch tight palms and fingers. Between hours grasping objects, and typing on our computers, our fingers and curled and rarely do we take the time to stretch them in the other direction. Opening the palms, and improving the flexibility of the fingers, can help reduce joint pain, improve hand dexterity, increase blood flow and circulation to your fingers, and keep your hands in good health! Take a couple of minutes during the day to sneak in these simple hand stretches and feel the difference better range of motion makes for healthy & happy hands. How do these hand and finger exercises feel to you? Drop me a comment or question and share your thoughts! Love to hear from ya...

Aliesa George: Over the past three decades, Aliesa George has helped assist people with their personal health journeys by sharing, teaching, and developing Pilates, Foot Fitness, and other Mind-Body programs.


Posted by: Aliesa George

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