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Pulse Power Fitness Webinar

Pulse Power Fitness Webinar

Pulse Power Title PagePulse-Power Training & the Piezoelectric Effect

Harnessing Your Inner Power for Strength, Flexibility & Fitness

Discover new levels of personal power to improve your strength, flexibility, and fitness in the Pulse Power Online Workshop. Incorporate these easy and effective Pulse-Power exercises into your workouts and you will rapidly improve core support, balance, and body control. This simple training technique and targeted exercise system will “electrify” your workouts! Pulse-Power Training and the Piezoelectric Effect

Webinar Details

Date: Wednesday, March 27, 2013 Time: Noon-1:15pm CST Convert to your local time zone As a BONUS: This fitness webinar includes the e-book The Daily Dozen 10 Minute Pulse-Power Workout Plan (an $8 value) to help you get started enjoying the benefits of better health with Pulse-Power training. Pulse-Power is an effective daily workout or warm-up before more intense exercise. If you run, walk, dance, do Pilates, lift weights, or any other sport or activity…Pulse-Power Training can help you stay healthy, active and injury-free.

Click here to register for the Pulse-Power Training and the Piezoelectric Effect 75-minute Webinar presented by Pulse Power author Aliesa George, NCPT.

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