Education & Training

Educating and Empowering Wellness Success

Many people struggle with lower back pain, poor posture, or a lack of energy throughout the day. These problems can significantly impact your quality of life, making even the simplest tasks feel like a chore.


Staying active and fit is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and healthy body. Every training or workshop event with Centerworks is filled with tips, techniques, and exercises to fine-tune your training program and help you get the most from your workouts.


Improve core strength, flexibility, improve your foot fitness, walk and run with fewer injuries, enhance sports performance, improve posture, get better hip mechanics, a stronger core, enjoy stress-free shoulders, and more…

Improve Strength, Flexibility, and Function To Achieve Optimal Health

Attend a live or virtual event covering various topics, including techniques, foot fitness, and functional movement. Sign up to be notified of upcoming events.

For questions or to book time with Aliesa, call (316) 530-2280 or fill out this form.

Awesome workshops

Gain insights to improve your health and fitness with courses that are jam-packed with great information and exercises to help you get a fresh perspective on ways to enhance your training program or improve your own exercise technique.
These on-demand courses give you the flexibility to learn at your own pace, from anywhere, at any time.

Foam Roller Fitness – Core Challenge Training

Tap into the transformational training benefits of foam roller fitness.

Pilates Teachers Video Training: Foam Roller Training for Pilates Pros

Incorporate foam roller fitness strategies into your Pilates training programs.

Combo: Foam Roller Fitness & Foam Roller Training for Pilates Pros

Discover the benefits of a foam roller for yourself AND your Pilates training programs.

6-Dot Strategy for Effective Rotation of the Spine

Access more strength, power, and support for all your twisting exercises.

How to Effectively Engage the Pelvic Floor

Find and use the muscles of your pelvic floor to help strengthen your core.

Six Tips for the Hips

Improve muscle development, body mechanics, and reduce or eliminate chronic back and hip pain.

Foot Fitness Video Training for Walkers & Runners

Discover easy ways to keep your feet pain & injury-free, fit, and healthy.

At Centerworks® our education and training programs are designed for Every Body!

  • If you are a Pilates student interested in fine-tuning your technique and learning new things to enhance your wellness program, you’ll find workshops and resources for you.
  • If you are a Pilates teacher, you’ll find beneficial programs for you to help deepen your understanding and expertise to help develop safe and effective Pilates training programs for your clients.
  • If you are a Yoga teacher, or other fitness/wellness professional looking to incorporate Pilates and healthy movement concepts into your practice we’ve got things to share with you too!

If you have zero experience with Pilates, Movement, or Energy Balancing but are curious and interested in learning more, some of our workshops are designed just for you. (Check for prerequisite details on the workshop/course information page.)

LIVE Workshops, Classes, and Events

Aliesa George, NCPT, ACE-PT, IIN-HC teaches live workshops and classes throughout the year at her Wichita Pilates Studio, Bodhi Body Pilates.
She is also available by request, to travel and present workshops as a guest teacher in your studio. You will also find workshops and classes on the schedule with expert guest Presenters visiting locally to share on various wellness topics in the studio.

PILATES Training & EducatioN

Centerworks® has been offering a comprehensive Pilates Teacher-Training Program since 1998 and is proud to have graduates teaching across the USA.  
We also offer continuing education workshops for Pilates Teachers who have completed a comprehensive program and are looking for courses to enhance their expertise.  

VIRTUAL Training &
VIRTUAL Workshops

In the expanded “Virtual World” we live in today, regardless of your city, country, or time zone, you can register for “live” Virtual Workshops and Classes taught by Aliesa George, NCPT, ACE-PT, IIN-HC via ZOOM.


We are currently building our Library of ON-Demand Courses, and Educational Training Resources to complement your at-home Pilates and wellness practice.

Aliesa George is also available by request to travel and present workshops as a guest teacher in your studio.

You may also find workshops and classes on the schedule with expert guest Presenters visiting locally to share on various wellness topics in the studio.