Testimonials and Recomendations

"This is my 3rd year working with Aliesa at Centerworks Pilates Studio and virtually.
I am finding the virtual class format works well to view my coach demonstrate the correct way to do the exercise and listen to her verbal coaching as I follow along on my mat in the comfort & safety of my home.
I highly recommend others to check out Centerworks Virtual Training options and join in the fun!
- Connie Tindal

I have practiced many forms of wellness/mind-body classes over the years. Centerworks is vital for my total wellness health. As a yoga teacher, I found myself becoming more flexible, but losing strength and stability as time went on. I am finding that Pilates is the only practice that gives me the stability I need to hold myself together and not injure my joints and connective tissues.

- S Royal

Highly recommend Aliesa and Centerworks Pilates. Aliesa is so knowledgeable! I have “dabbled” with Pilates for some time, but have learned so much more from her in just a few weeks.

- Vicki Hamilton

Aliesa George has helped me overcome my knee and shoulder pain. I was amazed that by only having a few Pilates Lessons that the pain went away.  
If you are a runner or cyclist, I suggest getting a pair of Yuma foot savers and a reflexology mat. I take mine with me everywhere.
- Ford Saeks

We just want to let you know how much we appreciate the quality of your classes, the professionalism of the teachers, and the positive encouragement at Centerworks®. We were so hopeless about our physical abilities when we first started Pilates. You have made a wonderful difference in our lives. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

- A. & C. Eye

My private lessons with Aliesa were incredible. Her insight and knowledge are amazing. The lessons helped me so much. I still do the exercises and wish for more time in my schedule to continue to learn more about Pilates… Thanks for all of your help.

- Nancy L.

Thank you for founding and running such a fine Pilates Center. I’ve talked to family and friends in other parts of the country and remain impressed and grateful.

- Mary D.

I have had six knee surgeries and one wrist surgery. The Pilates Method has helped me regain a high level of function without further injury. I am a Physical Therapist and have personally trained and certified under Aliesa George at Centerworks® Pilates. I have successfully incorporated the Pilates Methodology into my practice with good result. Learning the Pilates Method has totally changed the way I look at how the body moves and how I treat my patients.

- Vicki Daniel

I love everything about Centerworks®, but mostly the consistent care, knowledge, and enthusiasm that is demonstrated every time anyone walks through the door. Thank you for the opportunity to attend Centerworks®.

- Barbara F.

As a physician, I am convinced of the benefits that Aliesa has been providing through her fitness programs.

- Edmond G. Feuille Jr., MD

I started Pilates four and a half years ago and plan to continue for the next 20 years. I am thrilled to have greater flexibility and strength in my joints. I used to have trouble with my ankles turning and twisting – no more. The Pilates Method is perfect for me.

- Ellen W.

I started Pilates in 1996 after reading a newspaper article stating that it would change my life. IT HAS. I stand taller and straighter and feel stronger. Aliesa is a Barnabas in the world of Pilates. She is an encourager who encourages her clients to be better by doing Pilates. Even small changes are recognized. She tailors Pilates’ movements and positions to each individual and strives to develop techniques to help each one. Pilates at Centerworks® is a wonderful, challenging exercise program. IT MAKES ME FEEL GOOD!

– A.C.

I love Pilates at Centerworks®! With my physical limitations I am not able to do mat class, but love working with Mei and Joy. They have taught me how to exercise without stress to my low back. They are teaching me to undo all those years of bad habits. I feel taller, stronger, and wiser. Thank you.

– Judy Y.

Injuries forced me to quit dance after 14 years. I had weight gain after starting heart medication. I was feeling fat and sloppy.  Six months of Pilates at Centerworks® has made a world of difference. I feel great! I look better and I’m standing tall and fit again. I have regained flexibility and strength. The most amazing thing to me is that I have never been stiff and sore after class. I love the variety of instructors. I learn something more from each one. Life is good!

– Laura E.

I have seen a drastic change in my abdominals.

– Genia R.

After only three weeks in Beginner Pilates, I am already getting some stomach and breathing control while sitting at my desk or driving, even though I am not consciously thinking about it. I also have increased flexibility in several areas.

– Rod P.

I feel much stronger and more flexible, I have lost a little weight and LOTS of inches, and, unlike other programs, I have stuck with Pilates now for eight months.

– Janet

My flexibility and strength have improved greatly! I am no longer bothered by painful areas in my body that have annoyed me for years. Aliesa is very knowledgeable and helpful in my exercise program. She is very sensitive to my particular needs and limitations. She has a gentle way of encouraging me to push myself to stretch just a little farther or work just a little harder. I would recommend her to anyone in need of rehabilitation, developing strength and flexibility, and/or toning.

– Beverly F.

I have gotten stronger physically. Pilates continues to be a challenge.  The Centerworks® program is more comprehensive than others I have participated in.

– Donna S.

I went to one Pilates class elsewhere prior to enrolling in your program and there was no comparison. I have a newfound appreciation for the training and instruction at Centerworks®.

– Melissa T.

I’ve been doing the Pilates Method for about 9 years now. I’ve never found any other form of structured movement to be as effective in building inner core strength and vertebrae extension and flexibility. I’m a life-long advocate for the Pilates Method and the programs offered at Centerworks® Pilates.

– Donna C.

This is the only program I have continued for six years, and I am stronger, leaner, and without injury. Everyone at Centerworks® helps me to work to my limit without causing injury. I have overcome so many weaknesses, mentally and physically. I have lost inches, I feel better, and the people here have become very close to me.

– Judy S.

Pilates has drastically improved my level of fitness and has prevented my back problems from becoming disabling. I enjoy both private sessions with Aliesa and working on my own. Either way, Pilates challenges me to always do more to increase my strength, stamina, and fitness. I cannot imagine life without doing Pilates—it has become a very necessary part of my weekly schedule.

– Elaine S.

Thanks for giving me my core back so I can do the things I love!

– Sondra S.

Within six sessions, my poor aching back ceased to give me pain. What a change in my life!  It gave me a hopeful outlook for my physical future. At first I thought that I might be too old for Pilates to work for me. How wrong was I? Now I open the door of the studio with a smile on my face. I no longer have back pain, I have energy, and much better posture.  Thank you, Aliesa, for all you have done for me, and for what we have accomplished together. I will continue to do my Pilates exercises, because I am ADDICTED!

– June V.

Following hip replacement surgery and spine degeneration, I lacked muscular strength to correctly use muscles for walking, sitting, rising and standing. Acupuncture and acupuncture massage was a brief relief. It was my therapist who recommended the Pilates program. Now I am walking, adjusting posture and doing my daily exercise to keep in shape. Thanks to the Pilates system and my special teacher at Centerworks® Pilates, I am able to have more control over my life-movements and disposition.

– Ruth C.

I love Pilates! It helps me relax and feel better! I would recommend it to everybody!

– Lindsay M.

I have noticed a total re-shaping of her entire body. Lindsay is a dancer and has had an increase in stamina and strength which has helped her dancing as well. Lindsay’s flexibility has also improved. She never complains about going to class, and always has more energy afterwards.

– Connie M. (Mother)

My primary sport is Dressage riding (an equestrian sport). Pilates’ emphasis on a supple spine, carrying yourself with your ribs off your hips, shoulders down, BREATHING, all reinforce and improve the posture and position I maintain on my horse. The real key to my success with Pilates, is the excellent instruction I receive at Centerworks® Pilates. The instructors all help each individual student correct or enhance their position. I have made so many breakthroughs in my understanding because of this attention to each individual.

– Maribeth W.

Almost immediately I began to feel more steady on my feet, able to reach the floor without bending my knees, my joints were far less sore and, most of my back pains receded into memory. I’m not 25 or 30 anymore, but my body feels better than it has in many years. It’s nice to have my muscle tone back and it feels great to walk with a spring in my step and not have to sit down to tie my shoes!  I’d recommend Pilates and Centerworks® for anyone, especially for those of us who would like to have more youthful health and bodies.

– Andy S.

Over time, Pilates gave me the physical conditioning to do other exercise activities I never thought I’d be in good enough shape to do, like spinning classes, weight classes, etc. I feel much stronger, toned and have more stamina for the things I do in my everyday life. I would highly recommend Pilates to anyone. No matter what physical condition you are in, it is something that can truly benefit everyone.

– Monica M.

Excellent course; Good pace, good teaching skills… I am very enthused about Pilates and learning how to teach correctly… Without a doubt, I feel this was a well-taught and beneficial course.

– Pilates Basic Matwork Course Participant, Little Rock, Arkansas

This gives me a great base to get started teaching correct Pilates. I’m very excited about what I have learned.

– Basic Mat Participant

I have been to one other workshop. Your instruction was by far much more in-depth. Your patience and professionalism were refreshing! Thank you for your kindness to those of us who knew practically nothing.

– J. Clark

Everything was great – I feel so much more secure about teaching. Aliesa is great!

– E.T.

Aliesa, you presented yourself as professional, approachable, clear, enthusiastic, and with knowledge. Your materials are clear and well done. Thanks.

– L. Gerten

Excellent workshop! I’m speechless.

– Basic Mat Participant Evaluation

I always learn new things on things I’ve done for years!

– M. Malone

THANK YOU. It’s so cool because you’re always excited about what we’re doing. I’m so glad I’m doing this.

– Advanced Mat Course Participant

This was a great course. I feel like I learned a lot mentally and physically. I need to practice, practice, practice, and attend classes to learn more. I will definitely take another workshop. You did a great job, and are an excellent example and teacher!

– Pilates Basic Matwork course participant, Little Rock, Arkansas

I really appreciated the knowledge I gained from this workshop: What to look for in a Pilates instructor, how to teach myself, what to work on in between lessons. In the past I have had injuries due to muscle imbalances caused by incorrect training. I want to try to prevent this in the future.

– Pilates Basic Matwork course participant, Little Rock, Arkansas

As usual, you were fantastic. I am always amazed at how much harder I should be working. I thought I was good at this! Once again, you have shown me how much I have to learn!

– Pilates Intermediate Matwork Course Participant, Little Rock, Arkansas

I had a great time, all of the information was very beneficial.

– Advanced Matwork Course Participant

The comprehensive program taught by Aliesa George and Centerworks® Pilates Institute, has prepared me to work to work with a variety of clients, including: athletes, pre and post-natal women, those new to The Method, and those who are more advanced. Additionally, I’ve learned how to safely work with clients who have been diagnosed with osteoporosis, bulging discs, knee problems, neck injuries, scoliosis, and more.

– Susan Campbell, Centerworks® Pilates Trained, PMA Pilates Certified Teacher

I would definitely recommend the Instructor’s Program taught by Aliesa George. Besides making learning fun, she is very thorough in her presentation and explanations. She gives ample practice time and opportunity for critiquing each other. I would encourage anyone who is looking for a program that focuses on control, technique, breathing, posture and body awareness to seriously consider learning more about Pilates with the programs offered at Centerworks® Pilates Institute.

– Sue Carver, ATC/MPT, A World of Difference Physical Therapy, Little Rock, Arkansas

Aliesa came to Little Rock to teach Pilates Teacher-Education workshops and I was very impressed. She was organized, articulate and a consummate professional in relaying the principles and technique of the exercises in the traditional format of Joseph Pilates. Because of Aliesa, there are now several qualified teachers teaching around the state, teaching the work the way it was meant to be taught, with integrity, respect and safety. In this growing world of McDonald’s-style Pilates training, I respect Aliesa more every day. Not only did she teach me The Method, she taught me to respect the work. I have been equipped with an invaluable toolbox from a very gifted, articulate instructor.

– Barbara Russi Sarnataro, Centerworks® Pilates Trained, PMA Pilates Certified Teacher

The manuals by Aliesa George are the most comprehensive and most authentic of the manuals I’ve studied. I find myself turning to them for written descriptions.

– Jim W.

LOVE the DVD – Posture Principles for Health. I Think it should be required viewing for all clients. The posture evaluation should become a standard part of every new client orientation.  Wish I had this information and posture checklist sooner.

– Judy Y.
Wichita, KS

I got your Fantastic Feet exercise book and I am really impressed, thank you for making it.

– Jason

The Centerworks® Pilates training manuals are great references and resources for developing exercise programs and guiding you as you learn the Pilates system.

– Sue C., ATC/MPT, Little Rock, Arkansas

The Centerworks® Pilates Audio Matwork CD is a great workout... Pretty tough, actually, and I am enjoying it a great deal! I do Pilates matwork four times a week with my Centerworks® Audio program and believe that it has helped me tweak some of the things that I needed to work on… I am relying on using the CD to keep up with my workouts. It is so nice to have your voice in my living room every afternoon around 3:00!

– Jo S.