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Pelvic Floor Mastery: A Guide to Core Support and Stability

Pelvic Floor Mastery: A Guide to Core Support and Stability

Unlock the Foundation of Healthy Movement and Posture

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Unlock the secrets of core support with "Pelvic Floor Mastery: A Guide to Core Support and Stability." This essential resource dives deep into the critical role of the pelvic floor muscles in maintaining posture, enhancing stability, and facilitating healthy movement patterns. Learn to effectively engage your pelvic floor, transcending traditional Kegel exercises, for improved gait, reduced back pain, and optimal muscular firing sequences. Ideal for anyone seeking to strengthen their core, alleviate back pain, and support hips, back, and pelvis for safe, healthy movement habits.


Discover the foundational role of the pelvic floor in "Pelvic Floor Mastery: A Guide to Core Support and Stability." This guide illuminates how to properly engage the pelvic floor muscles for enhanced posture, stability, and pain reduction, challenging the conventional approach of Kegel exercises. A must-read for improving core strength, eliminating back pain, and supporting dynamic, healthy movement.
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The muscles of your pelvic floor are a small, but mighty support system. This is the base of support for your spine to lift UP away from to organize good posture and healthy movement habits. Without it functioning properly, it is very challenging to stack the spine, find and use the right muscles to bend forward, backwards, sideways, or twist, find the support you need for better stability, and get the right muscles firing in the right sequence for movement. (Your Pelvic Floor also plays a key role in bladder control!) And plays an important role in gait. With it activated correctly, it becomes easier to get the legs to swing freely to walk and run. If you have tight, grippy hip flexors, or back pain anywhere along your spine from the bottom to the top. Learning how to effectively find, and engage your Pelvic Floor can help you feel better, strengthen your core, and improve posture to reduce, or eliminate back pain.

P.S. If you’ve been told to practice Kegel exercises to work on strengthening your Pelvic Floor… KEGEL EXERICSES ARE NOT GOING TO HELP YOU SUPPORT YOUR HIPS, BACK, AND PELVIS CORRECTLY, for safe and healthy movement habits.

Regardless of whether you’re perfectly healthy, or experiencing chronic hip pain, SI joint instability, Lower back pain, Middle Back pain, Upper back pain, or Shoulder and Neck Pain issues… To help resolve these issues and feel better, improvements have to start below and work up. Discover more about your Pelvic Floor and get it working to support you!

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